Startup Huddle Kathmandu


Startup Huddle Kathmandu is a monthly educational program that gives local startups the opportunity to give a six-minute presentation and engage in 20 minutes of Q&A with a room full of their peers, mentors, service providers and potential investors.

Startup Huddle is a global initiative of Global Entrepreneurs Network which is hosted across different countries with it’s culture that of a supportive, neutral space, welcoming entrepreneurs to be open and honest about their businesses and the challenges they face. Each event is organized by local entrepreneurs and community builders who volunteer their time to secure a venue, vet and select presenters and publicize the event.

As opposed to a traditional “pitch” environment, Startup Huddle was not created to be critical of entrepreneurs, but rather for the presenters to learn from shared experiences and find ways to support one another as a community.

Startup Huddle Kathmandu is an educational experience for both the audience and the presenters. This is a free community program, focused on lowering the barriers to entry into the startup community. That is the core reason, Startup Huddle Kathmandu focuses on engaging all the startup ecosystem actors together to continually create a connected ecosystem that supports everyone.



Startup Huddle Startup Session

Local startups will give a six-minute presentation where they share their stories. They then engage in 20 minutes of Q&A with a room full of their peers, mentors, service providers and potential investors.

Startup Experience Stores

Startups can showcase their business or products to the startup community members who will be attending the event.

Startup Dialogue

This session is dedicated to the discussions related to the most pressing entrepreneurial and startup issues. The dialogue will be hosted either in a panel discussion format or circular discussion format.



Startup Huddle Kathmandu is a monthly program organized on the last Tuesday of each English calendar month.



The Taragaon Museum, Hyatt Regency, Boudhanath Sadak, Kathmandu



This event is a platform:

  • To meet with great startup minds of Nepal
  • To build professional connections with startups, entrepreneurs and business persons
  • To interact with media, investors, mentors and other important support system actors
  • For speed networking
  • To promote your concepts, business, products, services or even yourselves
  • To meet celebrated entrepreneurs and listen to their inspiring stories
  • To showcase your startup



This event is primarily designed for Startups & Entrepreneurs from Nepal. This event will also be attended by important support system actors such as: Investors; Marketers; Lawyers; Auditors; Government; Universities/Colleges; Mentors; Advisors; Corporate Leaders; Incubators/Accelerators; Development Partners; Business Enthusiasts.

A calendar of events
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Upcoming Events

Investment Circle

   2019-11-16 15:00:00      Radisson Hotel, Lazimpat, Kathmandu

Startup Huddle Kathmandu

   2020-02-25 15:00:00      The Taragaon Museum, Hyatt Regency, Boudhanath Sadak, Kathmandu

Skill Share

   2020-06-02 15:00:00      Virtual Meetup on